Providing the country requirements for Serum, Vaccines and Materials diagnosed to protect animal and poultry wealth from endemic and exotic disease.  

Product List

Viral Vaccines
-Bivalent Inactivated Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine (Types O1&A)
-polyvalent Inactivated Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine (Types O1,A&SAT2).
-inactivated Rift Valley Fever Vaccine .
-Peste Des Petits Ruminants Vaccine ( PPR-N75/1 )
-Combined Inactivated Respiratory Virus Vaccine BVD.IBR.PL3 (Pneumo-3).
-Combined Inactivated Respiratory Virus Vaccine +BVD.IBR.PL3.BRS(Pneumo-4).
-Inactivated Bovine Rota,Corona Viruses and Ecoli Vaccine ( Entero-3 )
-Inactivated Bovine Ephemeral Fever Vaccine ( 3day sickness ).
-Sheep pox Tissue Culture Vaccine .
-Camel pox Tissye Culture Vaccine .
-Monovalent Inactivated Freeze Dried Equine Influenza Vaccine.
-Equine Influenza and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine .
Bacterial Vaccines
-Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Oil. Adj. Vaccine ( for cattle ) .
-Oil Adjuvant Polyvalent Pneumobac Pasteurellosis Vaccine
-Gel adj. Pneumobac Pasteurellosis Vaccine .
-Freeze Dried B.C.G. Vaccine.
-Brucella Abortus Vaccine (ST19).
-Brucella Melitensis Vaccine (Rev.1).
-Blackleg and Gas Gangrene Vaccine
-Polyvalent Clostridial Vaccine (Cattle and Sheep).
-Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine .
-Buffer Acidified Plate Brucella Antigen (BAPA).
-Rose Bengal Brucella Antigen.
-Mammalian P.P.D Tuberculin.
-Bovine P.P.D Tuberculin.
-Antitetanic Serum


Viral Vaccines
a-Attenuated Vaccines
-NewCastle Vaccine (Hitchner B1).
-NewCastle Vaccine (Lasota).
-NewCastle Vaccine (Komarov).
-Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine ( Bursa Vac Strain ).
-Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (D.78 strain).
-Duck Virus Hepatitis Vaccine.
-Duck Plauge Vaccine.
-Pigeon Pox vaccine .
-Fowl Pox Vaccine
b- Inactivated Vaccines
-Inactivated Newcastle Vaccine (Oil adj ) .
-Ser-Vacc.Flu 1.
-Inactivated Pigeon Paramyxo Vaccine
c- Bivalent Inactivated Vaccines
-Inactivated Vaccine Aganist NewCastle and Infectious Bronchitis.
d- Trivalent Inactivated Vaccines
-Inactivated Vaccine Against ND + IB+ EDS.
Bacterial Vaccines
-Polyvalent Fowl Cholera Vaccine ( Oil .Adj ).
-Polyvalent Infectious Coryza Vaccine ( Oil .Adj ).
-Chicken Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine (Gel).
-Chicken Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine (Oil adj).
Rabbit Vaccines
-Inactivated Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus Vaccine .
-Polyvalent Rabbit Pasteurellosis vaccine ( Formalized ) .
-Polyvalent Rabbit Pasteurellosis vaccine ( Oil adj ) .
-Rabbit Clostridial Enterotoxaemia Bloat Vaccine .
-Avian Tuberculin.
-Salmonella Pullorum Antigen (polyvalent).