Sheep pox Tissue Culture Vaccine .
Live attenuated vaccine, Lyophilized, for the vaccination of sheep and goat against Sheep Pox Disease. Inoculation into the skin by intradermal protect the sheep and goat from pox disease and cattle from lumpy skin disease 
 Composition : 
 Each vial contain at least 103 TCID50 S.P. virus per dose. 
 Host System :
 Green Monkey Kidney cell line. 
 Indication : 
 Protective inoculation of sheep against pox. 
 Contraindication :
 Animals clinically ill or those weakened by transport should not be vaccinated.
 Dosage :
 * the vial content dissolve well in 50 ml physiological saline.
 Vaccination Programme :
 Lambs of 12-16 weeks age vaccinated , then revaccinated annually 
 Remarks : 
1.        reconstitute the amount of vaccine which can be used within 2 hours should only be prepared.
2.        the vaccine should be protected from sunlight.
3.        Empty vials and residual vaccine must be reliably destroyed. 
 Storage : 
at -20oC for two years from date of manufacture.
 Packs :
 Vials containing 100 doses vaccine.
 Withdraw period: 
 Twenty – one days before human 
 consumption must be stop programs vaccination