Monovalent Inactivated Freeze Dried Equine Influenza Vaccine.
 Pale yellow freeze dried vaccine which is friable, easily soluble and vaccum sealed in vials.
 Monovalent inactivated freeze dried equine influenza vaccine is used for protection of equines against equine influenza disease.
 Each vial contains one dose of inactivated equine influenza virus (EI) egg adapted of locally identified isolate. (A/equi/2/Cairo/2/2000). with HA titre28 
ADJUVANTS : DEAE – Dextran solution. 
 The freeze dried vaccine was reconstituted in DEAE – Dextran solution (one vial /3ml/dose/horse). Equines should be inoculated vaccinated. intramuscularly in the lowest third of the neck.
 Each animal should be given two doses at one month interval. Revaccination should be given every 8 months.
* The vaccine must be kept under refrigeration(-20 oC). 
* The dissolved vaccine should be used immediately because it 
 loses its antigenic power after one hour of making up the 
* The dissolved vaccine should not be exposed to dust or sun 
* Pregnant mares can be vaccinated with two doses (1 month 
 apart) within the last 3 months of pregnancy. 
* Foals from immune dams should be vaccinated at 6 months but 
 foals from susceptible dams can be vaccinated from the 3rd 
 month of age.
* It adviced to vaccinate racing horses every 3 months. 
* The vaccine is safe for horses.
Store at –20 oC for two years.
 Vials of one dose are available.