Brucella Melitensis Vaccine (Rev.1).
 Freeze – dried preparation of live Brucella melitensis Strain “Rev.1” for the prevention of Brucellosis in sheep and goats. 
 Each dose of reconstituted vaccine contains 1 to 2 x 109 CFU of Brucella melitensis “Strain Rev. 1.”
 * Vials 10 ml contains 10 doses of lyophilized vaccine
 (1 to 2 x 109 CFU / dose ( accompanied with 20 ml diluent .
 After reconstitution with the accompanied diluent, it should 
 contain 1 to 2 x 109 CFU viable organisms per 2 ml dose, given 
 subcutaneous to lambs and kids aged between 3 to 8 months. 
 Vaccination is followed by the appearance of specific antibodies. Adult sheep and goats may be vaccinated with a lower dose (1x106) Do not vaccinate pregnant or lactating females two month prior to 
 meeting.Rev.1 can be used for cattle in ears were Brucella melitensis is prevalent in small ruminants.
 These occur rarely in both young or adult. A local swelling may 
 occurs and there may be a severe systemic reaction manifested by 
 fever lasting for 2-3 days. Allergic reaction may occur and 
 immediate treatment with adrenaline hydrochloride or antihistaminic 
 drugs should be done . 
 Living lyophilized B. melitensis “Rev. 1” vaccine should be 
 stored in a dry place protected from light at a temperature between 
 4-8 oC. The vaccine is valid for one year from the manufacture 
 * The vaccine must be kept under refrigeration at all times, be 
 reconstituted only when required . 
 * It must be used in an aseptic manner to avoid its contamination 
 with other bacteria. 
 * Avoid accidental infection to human during the use of the 
 * The product is for animal use only and should not be used for 
 human .
 * Empty and unused open vials and used syringes must be 
 disposed hygienically .
 * Do not slaughter animals for human consumption within three 
 months of vaccination .