Blackleg and Gas Gangrene Vaccine
 An inactivated alum precipitated vaccine for animal protection against blackleg gas- gangrene diseases .
 Vaccine contain:-
 - C. Septicum toxoid
 - C. Chauvoei Bacterin 
 The vaccine is recommended for protection of farm animals (cattle, sheep and goats) against blackleg and gas-gangrene disease. 
 1st Dose 2nd Dose 
 Cattle 5 ml 3 ml
 Sheep & goat 3 ml 2 ml
 - Vaccine injected S/C with 3 weeks intervals between 1st and 2nd doses, 
 then revaccination after 6 months. 
 - Calves and lambs from vaccinated dams 2w before parturition should 
 not be vaccinated before 8 weeks of age
 - Calves and lambs from dams received a sensitizing dose should not be 
 vaccinated before 10- 12w of age to avoid Ab interference. 
·         Only healthy animals vaccinated. 
·         Bottle should be shacked before and during vaccination.
·         Before vaccination the bottle should be at room temp.
·         Used bottles should be hygenically disposed of each days operation.
·         If hypersensitivity reactions occur, the animal should given
 a treatment such as adrenaline or antihistamines.
Store between 4-8oC, protected from light , Don't freeze . 
One year from the date of manufacture.
 Flexible plastic or glass 300ml .