Rose Bengal Brucella Antigen.
 Rose Bengal antigen is a colored Brucellla abotus cells (strain 99)for rapid diagnosis of Brucellosis in animals
Composition :
 This antigen is prepared from heat killed brucella abortus cells (strain 99) stained with rose Bengal strain and kept in a stable acidic suspension 3.65.
 Rose Bengal antigen is used for rapid detection of Brucellosis in animals (as cattle, buffaloe sheep and goat) by rapid agglutination test.
Methodology :(principle of the procedure)
1- One drop from the antigen (0.03 ml) is mixed with equal 
 amount of the tested serum on a ceramic plate using 
 tooth pick or a glass rod.
2- put the plate on the rocker for 4 minutes.
3- Read the results as follow : 
 No agglutination negative (-ve)
 Weak agglutination (minimal reaction) ±
 Slight agglutination after 4 min +
 Moderate agglutination within 4 min ++
 Moderate agglutination immediately +++
 Clear agglutination immediately ++++
Precautions : 
- The test must be performed in a clean place far from dust.
- The antigen bottle must be shaken before use.
- The used antigen and the tested serum must take the room temperature before use.
- Control positive and control negative serum have to be 
 used to confirm the results.
- Read the results, within 4 min. only.
- Materials used in the test as tooth pick, gloves or others should be disposed as potentially biohozardous waste.
- This product must be kept at 4-8oC .
- Don’t freeze.
Two years from production date.
 Vials contains 20 ml ( 600diagnostic units).
 Vials contains 10 ml ( 300diagnostic units).