Bovine P.P.D Tuberculin.
 A Sterile liquid containing purified protein derivative (PPD), prepared from the filtrate of heat – killed Mycobacterium bovis ( strain AN5 )grown on a synthetic medium, for diagnosis of tuberculosis among cattle .
 Each ml contains 1 mg. of PPD ( 50000 units ). The product is standardized according to Weybridge Reference Laboratory , England. 
 For the diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle by the single intradermal tuberculin test. 
 0.1 ml injected intradermally in the skin of the neck. 
 * The best results will be obtained by reading 72 hours 
 after injection.
 * Retesting may be performed using the same or an 
 alternative site, not less than 60 days after the last 
 injection of tuberculin. . 
 * Empty and unused open vials must be disposed 
 * The product should be protected from direct sunlight 
 and kept cool . 
 Vials containing 2 ml ( 20 doses ). 
 Vials containing 5 ml (50 doses)
 At 4 - 8°C do not freeze. 
 One year from the date of manufacture