NewCastle Vaccine (Lasota).
 Freeze dried pellet with a minimum content of 10 6EID50 per field dose
 Of Newcastle disease virus. Lasota, propagated on embryonated SPF 
 hens eggs. 
 Newcastle vaccine Lasota is mainly used as the booster vaccination 
\ of HitchnerB1 vaccine after 3 weeks of age of fowls, 
 for turkeys and partridges. It is recommended 
 for both primary and booster vaccinations. 
 Method of administration:
 The vaccine can be give by eye dropping, in the drinking water or by spraying 
 Eye dropping:
 D dissolve 1000 doses of vaccine in 30 ml of sterile normal physiological
 Saline. Apply a drop to one open eye of each bird from a distance of half inch. 
 The dropper used should be designed to give 0.03 ml per drop. The diluent used 
 (sterile saline) should be at body temp 
 Drinking water :
1-       the birds should be deprived of drinking water for at least 4 hours 
 before vaccination
2-       the vaccine solution is prepared just at the time of use . for best results
 The drinking water used should be relatively cold and in such quantity
 That will be drunk within less than two hours.
3-       The 1000 doses vial is dissolved pure unchlorinated 
 Tap water in the following dilutions according to the age as follows.
 1st week in 5 liters
 Chickens 1-4weeks in 10 liters
 Chickens 5-10 weeks in 20 liters
 Over 10 weeks in 40 liters 
 Notes :
a-        the water toughs used for drinking water vaccination should be free from
 chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds or other drink water sanitizers 
 Or disinfectants.
b-       Metallic water troughs should be avoided.
c-        Ensure that there is enough drinking trough space to allow all birds 
 Immediate access to the vaccine. 
d-  the vaccine is administered during the cooler hours of the days, and it must be kept away from any source of heat and sun light.
e- dried milk or skimmed milk may be added to drinking water 
 (1kg to 400 liters) to protect the vaccine. 
Spraying : 
1- dissolve the vial of 1000 doses in distilled water in the 
 following rate according to age as follows.
 1st to 4th week 100 ml 
 After the 4th week 200 ml
 Adult birds 400 ml 
2- spray the vaccine solution at a distance of about 1 metre 
 using a pressure spray which produces droplets of 5-20 
 microns in diameter.
3- during spraying it is advisable to protect eyes and nostrils, 
 e.g. by a face mask to avoid allergies or N.D. infection.
Note :
- healthy birds with no previous history of respiratory infections should only be vaccinated by straying.
- To ensure proper administration only approved sprayers should be used.
Storage :
Keep at 4oC to 8 oC or in the freezer(-20 oC)
Expiry date :
 Two years at 4-8 oC from manufacture date.
 Three years at -20 oC from manufacture date.
Package :
Vial of 1000 does
Withdraw period :
 Twenty –one days stop the programs of vaccination , 
 before human consumption.