Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (D.78 strain).
 Each dose of vaccine contains : 
Freeze dried, Infectious Bursal Disease Virus 104 EID50 at least from "D78 strain".
 Active immunization of chickens against Infectious Bursal Disease. 
 The vaccine can be given by either of the following routes: 
 Dissolve 1000 doses of the vaccines in 30 ml of sterile distilled water or physiological saline. Apply a drop of the vaccine (0.03 ml) on the eye of each bird, wait until the drop spreads properly before freeing the bird. 
 The birds should be kept without drinking water at lest 3 to 4 hours before vaccination. 
 The water used for vaccination should be either distilled water or pure unchlorinated water.
 Make sure that the vaccine is consumed within two hours. 
 The drinking troughs should be clean and contains no traces of disinfectants or drugs.
 Make sure that there is enough drinking trough space to allow all birds immediate accesses to the vaccine. For best results the drinking water used should be relatively cold. 
The vaccine is reconstituted by opening the vial under the amount of water used for vaccination according to the age of birds as follows , 1000 doses vial :
 2 to 4 weeks ……………….. in 10 liters water
 Older birds ………………….in 20 liters water
 Make sure that the vaccine is mixed well before administration. The vaccine is administered during the cooler hours of the day and must be kept away from any source of heat or direct sun light. Dried or skimmed milk may be added to the drinking water.
1-       Avoid under dosage of the vaccine.
2-       Only clinically healthy birds should be vaccinated.
3-       Discard unused vaccine & empty containers by hygienecally methods. 
Vaccination programme :
Broilers & Pullets 
 Primary vaccination between 14 days of age.
 Booster dose 2 weeks later
Breeders :
 Primary vaccination 14&21 day of age.
 Booster dose 6-8 weeks of age.
 Third vaccination (Inactivated oily vaccine) between 18 &20 weeks 
 of age.
 Store the vaccine at 4-8˚C or at -20˚ C
 one year at 4-8˚C
 Two years at -20 ˚C
 Lyophilized vials 1000 doses
 Twenty-one days before human consumption the program of 
 vaccination must be stopped.