Chicken Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine (Gel).
 Aluminium hydroxide gel adsorbed toxoid vaccine prepared from locally isolated strains of C. perfringens type A.
 For protection of chicken against necrotic enteritis disease.
 * 1/2 ml. for chickens of 2 weeks age.
 * 1 ml. for chickens of two months age.
 The vaccine is injected subcutaneously in the neck region. 
 * Primary vaccination is given in the form of two doses of 1/2 ml for 
 chickens at two weeks age and 1ml for chickens more than 2 
 months age with 3-4 weeks interval.
 * For laying hens a booster dose of 1ml should be given 2 weeks 
 before laying for protection of the progeny.
 * Revaccination is required every 6 months for continuous protection. 
 * Bring the vaccine to room temperature before use. 
 * Shake the vaccine vigorously before and during use to ensure good 
 * Chickens to be vaccinated should be in good health and not suffering 
 from any disease. 
 * Part used vaccine bottles, used syringes and needles should be disposed hygenically. 
 * Avoid exposure of the vaccine to direct sunlight and heat.
 Store at 4-8 oC. Do not freeze. 
 One year from the date of manufacture.
 Available in plastic bottles of 300 ml.