Salmonella Pullorum Antigen (polyvalent).
 It consists of standard and variant Strains of Salmonella Pullarum, stained with Grystal Violet. 
 Used in testing mature for pullorum disease in the field
 (four months of age or older ).
 It should not be employed in testing turkeys, ducks
 and geese.
Direction for use :
 Mix one drop of blood from the bird with one drop of 
 pullorum antigen and read the results :-
 * Agglutination occurs during 2 min. in positive cases.
 Repeat the test after 15 days if positive cases are 
 discovered in the flock. 
 1- Carry out the test in a place free from dust as much as 
 possible to avoid appearance of false agglutination 
 2- Bring the antigen to room temperature before performing 
 the test.
 3- Shake the bottle very well before use.
 4- The drop of blood should be equal to the drop of the 
 Avoid freezing. Keep the antigen only t 4-8oC.
 Glass bottles of 100ml to apply 2000 tests.
 ,, ,, ,, 20ml ,, ,, 400 tests.
 ,, ,, ,, 10ml ,, ,, 200 tests.