Full Name: Dr. Ibrahim Soliman Ibrahim
Institute: Veterinary Serum & Vaccine Research Institute
Birth of Date: 30/5/1961
Home address: 26 Samir Mokhtar st, Golf Land- Madina Nasr
Tel No.:


Tel Institiute: 3421866-3421406

Position : *chief researcher at aerobic bacterial vaccine research and production department , and now the  director manger of technical services of  Veterinary Serum and Vaccine research Institute since 2012 till now
Vaccines department from 2009 till now .
*B.V.Sc.  Factually of Veterinary Medicine , Cairo University , Egypt ,1985
*B.V.Sc.  Factually of Veterinary Medicine , Cairo University , Egypt ,1993
PHD  “Prevalence of escherichia coli in slaughtered broilers university , Egypt , 1997
: Previous professional positions

  1. Veterinarian veterinary serum and vaccine research institute in department for production of Aerobic bacterial vaccine  disease vaccines( VSVRI) , Abbasia , Cairo from 1988
  2. Assistant Researcher  1994.
  3. Researcher      1997
  4. Senior researcher 2002,.
  5. Chief researcher 2007 - 2012
  6. Director manger of technical services of Veterinary Serum and vaccine research institute 2012 till now

. Experience
1-Experience in production and evaluation of bacterial vaccine for  poultry and animals
2- Isolation  and identification of different  bacterial causative agents and preparation of a locally autogenous vaccines




Training courses :
1-. *Identification methods  for preparation and evaluation of poultry and, animal vaccines Abbasia , Cairo 1989
2- DNA extraction and using of  Restriction enzymes . Molecular Biology Department , VSVRI1996
3- Use of different technique in Molecular Biology .1996
4- ELISA technique as a useful tool for evaluation of antibody response  in large animals 1996
5- PCR as a diagnostic tools in diagnosis 2004
6-*laboratory and biological tests for evaluation of poultry         and animal bacterial vaccines. central laboratory for evaluation of veterinary biologics , Abbasia 2004

  1. Effective use of Biological Safety cabinet , Eagleson Institute, U.S.A , conducted at VSVRI 2009

Other Experiences and activities :

*training of Afro-Asian veterinarians annually  on different activities of Central laboratory for evaluation of veterinary biologics , Abbasia ,Cairo .
*  Training of under –graduated students on different activities of central laboratory for evaluation of veterinary biologics ,

*Shared in local and international conferences in the field of poultry production , Viral diseases of large and small animals as well as poultry diseases .

*shared in lab techniques for colleague in master and PHD. degrees.
1-*4th SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.of vet. Med.,Zag.-univ 1998
2- *1st SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.Vet. Med..Beni- Suef,1999
3- 3ed SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.of Alex. Univ 1999
4- *2nd SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.of vet. Beni- Suef,1999
5- 3ed SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.Vet. Med.  Suez Canal. Univ. 2004
6- *8th SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Fac. Vet. Med. Assuit Univ.
7-*2nd SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac. vet.Med. Kaferelsheikh,Univ.2006

  1. 12th SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac. vet, Med.Assuit Univ2006
  2. 5th SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac.Vet. Med.Alex. Univ 2006
  3. 5th SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ,Fac. vet.Med. Cairo Univ.2012 and 2013




List of Publications

1-1-Preliminary study for preparation of rabbit pasteurellosis  and rabbit hemorrhagic    disease virus combined vaccine
مجلة المؤتمر الرابع العلمي لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة الزقازيق -1998 م

- 2preparation of a specific inactivated vaccine against rabbit haemorrhagic diseases virus
مجلة المؤتمر الرابع العلمي لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة الزقازيق -1998 م

3- preparation of a combined inactivated vaccine against Duck plague and Duck cholera Disease.
المؤتمر العلمي الأول لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة بني سويف  - 1999م

4-Immunogenicity  of  an oil emulcified  E.coli  vaccine in chicken
      المؤتمر العلمي الأول لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة بني سويف  - 1999م

5-simultaneous infection with rabbit haemorrhagic diseases virus  and rabbit pasteurellosis  in rabbit farms in Egypt
المؤتمر العلمي الثلث لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة الإسكندرية – 1999م

6- The use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker for discrimination and verification among pasteurella multocida vaccinal strains
مجلة كلية الطب البيطري – جامعة القاهرة – 2000م

7- Characterization of immunological differences between pasteurella multocida  isolates of avian origin
المؤتمر العلمي الثالث  لكلية الطب البيطري – جامعة قناة السويس- 2000م

8-Prparation and evaluation of avian cholera oil emulsion vaccine using montanid –ISA-206
Egypt.Vet.Med.Assoc. Vol.(62),85-94,2002
9- Laboratory Trials for preparation of a bivalent oil emulsion inactivated vaccine against
 Escherichia Coli infection and Newcastle disease virus
                     مجلة كلية الطب البيطري ـ جامعة قناة السويس بالإسماعيلية-2004


10-Immune response in chicken vaccinated with combined E.coli p. multocida vaccine
Vet.Med.J. Giza 52(1) 47-56 (2005)

11-Evaluation of Pasterurella haemolytica vaccines of cattle in laboratory mice
مجلة الجمعية المصرية لأمراض الماشية - كلية الطب البيطري ـ جامعة أسيوط

12-Immunological studies on simultaneous vaccination of pneumo-3 vaccine (BVD, IBR, PI-3) and pneumo-bac vaccine (Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica) in pregnant cows           
مجلة / كلية الطب البيطري ـ أسيوط
13 - Immunological characterization of Pasteurella multocida isolated from cases of rabbit hemorrhagic septicemia
مجلة طب بيطري قناة السويس
14-Preparation  and evaluation of an inactivated brucella melitenses REV.1 vaccine
Kafer El-Sheikh Vet.Med.J. Egypt (4), 1, 2006

15--A field trail for evaluation of inactivated \brucella melitensis Rev-1 vaccine in sheep and goat
مجلة الجمعية الطبية البيطرية  المصرية (2007)

16-The use of RAPD marker for discrimination and verification among rabbit E.coli isolates
Kaferelsheikh, Vet.Med.J. 3ed Sci.Cong.2009, pp (892-904)